JEN Supports National Multi-Payer Claims Database

JEN has a key role in the implementation of the CMS/ASPE project to develop a Multi-Payer Claims Database (MPCD). The MPCD will use claims data from a variety of public and private sources and provide easy access to researchers and other stakeholders as they work to improve public health. As a subcontractor to Optum, JEN has been hired to import data from a 15% sample of Medicare beneficiaries and 15% sample of Medicaid beneficiaries (using MAX data) , standardize and link the data, perform quality and validation checks on the data using JEN’s Automated Data Integration Tool (ADIT), and host the data and make it available for Optum’s use through JEN’s integrated Medical Management Research System (iMMRS®). JEN will conduct various analyses and develop reports on data quality issues and remediation options. JEN also serves as the Data Custodian for this project and has facilitated the Data Use Agreements with CMS.

Recent Activities