Dee O’Connor, Ph.D., Vice President for Strategic Planning

Darlene (Dee) O’Connor Darlene (Dee) O’Connor is an expert on long-term care policy with over 30 years experience in policy and research. Her previous positions included Director of Long Term Support Studies at UMass Medical School, National Project Director for the Home and Community-Based Services Resource Network at Boston College, and Director of Health and Long-term Care Services for the Connecticut Department of Social Service. Her leadership in state policy has focused on developing and expanding home and community-based services through state-funded and Medicaid waiver programs.

As Vice President for Strategic Planning at JEN, Dee develops partnerships with policy makers, researchers, consultants and funders to encourage research that will improve decision-making and address future health policy challenges. Her research interests include aging and mental health, integration of acute and long-term care services, and alternatives to institutionalization. In addition to her position at JEN, she is an Associate Professor in UMass Medical School’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

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