Daniel Gilden, Founder

Daniel Gilden Dan Gilden was a recognized expert in the use of Medicare, Medicaid and other health data for research with diverse applications such as medical research, public policy planning, public health surveillance, epidemiology, and private sector litigation support. Under his direction, JEN Associates assembled a team of system designers, programmers and analysts who have gained a national reputation in the management and interpretation of large health care Medicare and Medicaid claims databases.

Dan demonstrated ability to work successfully and flexibly with collaborators from academia, government, and industry on projects in multiple areas of research, including analysis of patterns of disease, treatment effectiveness and outcomes, the actuarial analysis of Medicare and Medicaid data and population dynamics, and policy development. Dan served as the lead Principal Investigator for the research consortium awarded under JEN’s Medicare/Medicaid Research and Demonstration contract (MRAD) awarded by CMS. This consortium includes partners at Harvard, Duke, University of Massachusetts, University of Pennsylvania, University of North Carolina, University of Alabama, and the Albert Einstein Center for Urban Healthcare.

Since his untimely death in 2017 from brain cancer, JEN continues to devote itself to Dan’s goal of the creative use of health care data to improve public health. American Academy of Home Care Medicine has recognized Dan Gilden for his contribution to home care medicine. The Dan Gilden Creative Investigator Award will recognize future investigators who demonstrate Dan’s passion, drive, dedication and creativity. Donations to the Dan Gilden Creative Investigator Award may be made here: https://aahcm.site-ym.com/donations/

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