Company Overview

A pioneer in using large scale Medicare and Medicaid data to shape policy, Dan Gilden founded JEN in 1985. He named the company to reflect the Confucian concept of “jen,” which reflects the virtues of protection and altruism. Following Dan’s untimely death in 2017, JEN remains dedicated to using data for public good.

Throughout its history, JEN has focused on the frail elderly, adults with dual diagnoses, and children with special needs. JEN’s work with large volumes of healthcare claims, encounters, and assessment data has since expanded beyond Medicare and Medicaid. The company has distinguished itself as a global pioneer in applying advanced computational methods, epidemiology, and econometrics to evaluate health program operations.

Over three decades, JEN has continued to create unique algorithms to manipulate new massive health claims data bases. JEN has developed a data quality process that ensures early and accurate assessments of data issues. Further, JEN has developed tools such as iMMRS and its Data Portal System that allow users with varying levels experience to analyze and query a variety of large scale data.

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